Supartz Injections

Patients who are affected by knee osteoarthritis can find normal daily tasks to be painful and unpleasant. Sufferers of osteoarthritis may complain that activities like bending over, gardening, playing with children, lifting boxes and even walking from one room to another can be a challenge. Those patients seeking a cure have limited options.

Traditional Treatments for Osteoarthritis

There is no true cure for knee osteoarthritis. It is recommended that patients who are affected by the disease should remain active and maintain a healthy weight. This can manage the pain, but does not cure the condition. Doctors may prescribe pain medications for this disease.

Why SUPARTZ Injections?

SUPARTZ injections is a treatment that is also known as Viscosupplementation. Patients seek SUPARTZ injections as an alternative to pharmacological treatments like pain medications or to avoid risky knee surgery.

SUPARTZ injections are meant to serve as a temporary replacement for the fluid in the knee, called synovial fluid. SUPARTZ is made from purified sodium hyaluronate, found in rooster combs. SUPARTZ injections are preferred by people who suffer from osteoarthritis because it specifically targets the pain in the knee, unlike other medical treatments that target pain from arthritis generally.

Prevent Knee Surgery With a Simple In-Office Protocol
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How do SUPARTZ Injections Work?

Pain from osteoarthritis occurs when degraded cartilage in the knee results in increased inflammatory processes. With pain receptors firing at all times, even during normal movement, the hyaluronic acid in the synovial fluid in the knee becomes diluted and broken down. Minor amounts of pain in the knee can result in limited movement and a further degradation of the the joint structures, which in turn results in even poorer quality synovial fluid and so on.

It's very important for people who suffer from knee osteoarthritis to maintain normal movement in their knees. This prevents the further deterioration of the joint. SUPARTZ injections prevents this breakdown by limiting pain and allowing the patient to maintain ordinary levels of activity.

Who is a Candidate for SUPARTZ Injections?

Generally speaking, anyone who experiences knee pain as a result of osteoarthritis is a candidate. This is especially true of people who take over the counter pain medications for their condition and do not find that their pain is adequately lessened.

What is the SUPARTZ Injection Process?

The injection process is simple. Local anesthetic is used to numb the knee and the fluid that is currently in the knee is removed. This process is called arthrocentesis. With this done, the SUPARTZ solution is injected directly into the knee joint.

>Most patients who experience the SUPARTZ injection process find it to be relatively painless. Once the patient has received the injection, he or she will be asked to avoid engaging in strenuous activities for a few days after the process.

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