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I must have pulled my lower back out shoveling snow or moving heavy boxes. The pain got worse and worse so I went to a spine Specialist. The X-ray showed I had disc degeneration. I went to physical therapy for a short time, but I did not feel it was helping.
I am a runner and due to the pain, I stopped running. I began to get depressed because my back pain was not getting better and it was affecting everything I did.
I had never been to a chiropractor, but family and friends swore it helped. I came to Dr. Lubow and within two weeks I felt 90% better. I am a believer now too!


I have been experiencing neck and lower back pain for years, but about 6 months ago it really took a turn for the worse. I had never been to a Chiropractor before, but after trying all kinds of medications and patches, I finally made the call to Dr. Jeff Lubow. Man, I didn't know what I was missing! Within 2 weeks I was really showing signs of improvement, and already I'm in less pain than I have been in probably 10 years. It was definitely one of the best things I've ever done for myself. Living in pain is no fun but coming to Dr. Jeff's office actually is. Dr. Lubow, Rachel, and Myriam are all easy and fun to talk to. I'm usually not thrilled about going to any medical facility, but I must say that this is one place I really look forward to coming every week; Not only for treatment, but also because every one is so nice. Dr. Jeff and I are never at a loss for conversation, and Hey my back and neck feel great now! What more could you ask for? I am a very satisfied patient and will refer anyone in pain to Dr. Lubow.

  • "I injured my neck while playing with my 3 year old daughter. After a long while of taking Tylenol and hoping it would get better, my OBGYN suggested seeing a chiropractor. I was 4 months pregnant and knew I would be a special case and need special care. My pregnancy was taken very seriously by Dr. Lubow and his gentle care now has me completely pain free.
    I appreciate that my pregnancy was Dr. Lubow's first concern, and I am amazed and grateful to be in such skilled hands.
    Thank you Dr. Lubow!"
  • "I have been coming to Dr. Lubow for 2 years now. He is the most professional Chiropractor I have been to. I have had back problems since I was about 18 years old and he is the best doctor I have had. Dr. Lubow is very understanding of me and has put up with a lot of my just showing up and not setting an appointment and I appreciate that. Even though he is a Philadelphia Eagles fan, I still come here. I hope your visits are as good as mine.


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